Monday, April 23, 2007

On the Move

I'm back, but I'm not back. I'm back among the bloggers, but I'm leaving Blogger and moving over to WordPress. Just wanted to freshen up a bit.
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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Yummy Valentine's Day

We tried something new for Valentine's breakfast. It's a lazy girl's version of cinnamon foccacia. Normally you would make your own dough, but to save time we bought some refrigerated pizza dough and made some yummy breakfast treats. We rolled out the dough - shaping it into hearts - and pricked it with a fork. Then brushed it with melted butter, sprinkled a sugar (1/3 cup) and cinnamon (1 tsp) mixture on it, topped that with chopped nuts and baked it in the oven at 375 degrees for about 8-12 minutes (time depends on size of hearts). After it came out of the oven and cooled we drizzled icing on it. I would show you a picture, but it was gone way too fast!

I do have a picture of the cookies we decorated after lunch (even a number of those are already missing). It definitely has been a SWEET day!


Monday, December 04, 2006

Our Crazy Caregroup

This year marks the third annual "hit and run" caroling by the Fox Caregroup. Greg our fearless leader loves to drop in on unsuspecting caregroups in the midst of the meeting and wish them a Merry Christmas with songs and silliness. Armed with directions and song words to "Mele Kalikimaka", we were able to hit 5 other caregroups with our surprise attack. It was a lot of fun and sanctifying (as a good dose of humility always is!)

Here's some photos - before, during, and after:

Click on one of the pictures below to see more.

Friday, November 03, 2006


The big guys love to go up to Gabe, squeeze his cheeks and say "Hello, chubby cheeks."
Yesterday, Gabe snuggled up to me. He squeezed my arm and said "Hello, chubby arm."

Well, I have to go exercise now!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Fall Day

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Suzanne challenged me to come up with definitions for the following words:

Curratow, Scarpetti, and Desman

Curratow - n. a type of cart used in India to transport items; similar to a wheelbarrow, but with two wheels and usually pulled behind a person

Scarpetti - n. a pasta dish made with scallops, artichokes and spaghetti

Desman - n. doorman in Finnish

I was pulling my curratow down the street when the desman tripped me and I landed in a vat of scarpetti!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Why do you. . .

. . . go to the movies? Easy date - no probing questions? Really admire a particular actor/actress? Heard the special effects are awesome? I like that guy - last time I saw a movie directed by him, I laughed so hard soda came out my nose!?

Second question: how do you critique a movie? Cinematography? Score? Costume or set design? Factual? Funny? "A feel-good ending"?

I have a proposition for you. Don't worry, I'm not knocking movie-going. I went this weekend and that's why I'm talking about it. I know at times movie-goers are forced to make a choice between impecable work (directing, acting, design) and story. I don't mean an interesting story, I mean a God-glorifying story. There have been many times that I have seen a preview for a movie that looks incredible, but on further investigation I find that it glorifies sin. No, it doesn't say that mass murderers are cool - it says that adultery is ok if its your "true" love and your spouse is cruel, or rebellion against your parents is ok because they just don't understand. It's subtle sometimes, implying that you get more satisfaction from a promotion than your child's smile.

Therefore, we don't just walk into a theater anymore and pick a movie because it's at the right time or has a cool poster. We do some studying before we go. Believe me, we don't do it perfectly, but by the grace of God we have the desire to try and the help to persevere. Our entertainment time on a Saturday night is not our own anymore than the time on a Sunday morning is, so we want to use it wisely. Sooooo last week we heard about a movie and started studying. We discovered that this movie had no professional actors in it. It had a very low budget - considering how movie budgets usually go. The costumes all came out of the actors' closets. It only took 4 weeks to film. (6 weeks with a 2 week break in the middle.) So what did it have going for it? The story. Here was a story written and filmed by folks who love God and want to honor Him. A story of a man struggling through everyday life and wrestling with the Scriptures to find some hope.

It was not a difficult decision. So we went, and I never left a movie theater more grateful for the time spent there.This movie probably won't be nominated for any awards. It's not "impecable" by any means. But we've discovered in the past that incredible special effects or fascinating scores, although admirable, don't necessarily make for a good evening.

So, now finally, my proposition: Instead of choosing form over substance, switch it, and choose substance over form! If you are a movie-goer and are planning on seeing one in the near future, study for yourself Facing the Giants. Read about the folks who made it and why. Find out that they all have other jobs and are sacrificing their spare time and energy to share truth with as many people as possible. I won't tell you the story - you'll hear enough about it from the website. By the way, none of these comments are meant to insult the talent and ability of the folks who made the film. They did a great job. They are made instead to help all of us think about why we go to the movies.